Slush 2019

There is a reason why Slush is now considered the world's leading startup event. We presented the Digital Hub Initiative on site, exchanged visions about tomorrow's technology for two days, let the startups pitch to investors at a dinner and thus successfully defied the darkness in Helsinki. Get an impression of it here in our picture gallery.

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Booth_Slush_2019_015.jpg Booth_Slush_2019_135.jpg Booth_Slush_2019_Kam2_008.jpg Atmo_Slush_2019_006.jpg Slush_2019_048.jpg Slush_2019_Kam2_049.jpg Booth_Slush_2019_024.jpg VC_Slush_2019_082.jpg VC_Slush_2019_059.jpg VC_Slush_2019_106.jpg
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