Three steps to the Startup Card

We present the Digital Hub Initiative Startup Card! With immediate effect, founders taking part in the initiative can access one of more than 100 flexible workspaces and thus network even more effectively. The Startup Card enables flexible and spontaneous use of the workstations and offers the the Digital Hub Initiative’s startups the opportunity to work outside of their home cities.

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The aim of the Digital Hub Initiative is not only to promote exchange and cooperation between corporations, SMEs, startups, and academic institutions, but also to connect the Digital Hubs. With the Startup Card, another milestone has been reached and the Digital Hub Initiative will become a Germany-wide co-working space.

The Startup Card is a service for founders throughout Germany. At present the hubs in Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Leipzig, Munich and Nuremberg offer workspaces and more hubs will be following soon. In this way, founders will have several points of contact within the ecosystem. Startups that are part of the initiative's network will receive the card.

You’re a founder and also want a Startup Card? Well, that’s easy to arrange!

1) You can contact a Hub here and select a Hub by topic or location

2) Become an active part of the network - the possibilities are endless!

3) Receive your Startup Card directly from your Digital Hub


What is the purpose of the Startup Card?

The Startup Card gives founders free access to the Digital Hubs’ coworking spaces: whether that’s locally or whilst travelling through Germany, so that founders can work on their business and connect with contacts from different sectors.

Who can get a Startup Card?

The Startup Card is reserved exclusively for Startups. Founders and their employees can receive it.

How many cards can be issued within a company?

Two cards are issued per startup. The card is personalised by one signature.

What services are associated with the Startup Card?

The card offers access to flexible workstations. In addition, card holders are informed about the Digital Hub Initiative’s startup events.

Which hubs offer access with the Startup Card?

So far, Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Leipzig, Munich and Nuremberg offer access to workspace. More hubs will follow.