A Digital Hub is a location where different players with a direct relationship to or interest in digital and technological themes gather to exchange experience and information, and work on joint projects. In the case of the Digital Hub Initiative, there are twelve Digital Hubs in sixteen cities which are dedicated to a range of industry-specific key issues.

The Digital Hubs are run by independent operators that are their own legal entities. Some of them were founded by individuals, whereas other Digital Hubs are backed by research institutions and municipal authorities.

Each potential Digital Hub specified its own industry-specific work focus when it applied. Generally speaking, these focuses relate to a dominant branch of industry or the research speciality of academic institutions in the area.

Organisations with an interest in applying were invited to send their applications to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as potential Digital Hub locations by March 2017. The BMWi made their decisions about the applications on the basis of an objective catalogue of criteria, and with support from an independent panel of experts from the digital and technology industries.

The application period is over. For the time being, no more cities can apply to be Digital Hubs.

How is the Digital Hub Initiative financed?

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action will finance the Hub Agency (RCKT), as well as the GTAI over the course of three years. The Digital Hubs are financed by private supporters and partners, and through the development of their own innovation programmes.