“Our goal is to become the ubiquitous platform for moving objects”

How did you hear about the Start-up Games?

Actually, we were nominated by the Smart Systems Hub in Dresden. I was immediately interested in pitching our company as I know one of the judges from the first edition back in July.

Is the Digital Hub network helpful in other areas? 

We are not yet too active in the Smart Systems Hub, but we do benefit a lot from their work. For instance, we were nominated for Web Summit 2019. We went, and it was quite a success. 

What did winning the Start-up Games mean to you? Did you raise any new investment or get new customers? 

The event was quite helpful in a number of ways. First, we started launching our product in 2020 and in order to build up reputation, public attention is something that we cannot get enough of. It is of course yet too early to speak about any investments that may or may not result from the competition, but we did have a number of additional customer requests directly after the Start-up Games. 

What’s your biggest challenge right now?

Our goal is to become the ubiquitous platform for moving objects. In order to get there, the next steps is to integrate Meshmerize into various industry verticals. As this is quite a long-term plan, our biggest challenges right now are resources and of course stamina. 

What impact did the corona crisis have on your business? Did you have to adapt your business model?

Surprisingly, Corona had only a limited impact onto our business. Although we had to postpone one market which we originally were aiming at (automotive), we received requests from other directions we hadn’t planned on. In total, we had to shift things a little, but we were able to adapt quickly. As current supply chains are really fragile, people have dramatically come to realize the need for automation, which is quite helpful for our business. 

The Digital Hub Initiative is always looking for the latest trends and innovations. What’s going on in your sector right now?

From my point of view, there has been a hype for a few years now around connectivity, to be more precise: reliable connectivity. Many companies now offer 5G resilience solutions but these are usually expensive. The need for reliable connectivity is there, however. We address that market by offering an affordable solution that delivers reliable connectivity for smaller network sizes.

“Air-quality solutions need to get more dynamic”


“Air-quality solutions need to get more dynamic”

Why corporates need Digital Hubs


Why corporates need Digital Hubs