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Move forward with the Digital Hub Initiative. You can find solutions for every challenge associated with digitisation here. Businesses can make the most of cross-network offerings, get to know the Hubs and what they do, and contact start-ups.

Get to know the initiative

The de:hub journey is aimed at German SMEs

The de:hub journey is aimed at the owners and decision-makers of German SMEs. It takes them through the initiative’s Hubs, making it possible for them to work together to identify the potential offered by digital technology, processes and business models and utilise these opportunities for their business. On the way, participants are given an insight into the work done by the Digital Hubs. They also visit test labs and co-working spaces. This gives them the chance to get to know start-ups and potential cooperation partners.

A single programme combining multiple hubs' offerings

Link ‘n’ Match: the three-step approach to a digital product

Our Link ‘n’ Match programme effectively compiles the core capabilities of the various Hubs to assist businesses with the development and scaling up of digital products and business models. As the programme’s name suggests, it brings together the Digital Hubs’ programmes and combines them to offer a tailored range of services for SMEs and corporates. 


Our Hubs offer tasters and collaboration opportunities

All the Hubs' offerings at a glance

The Program Finder: from design thinking to matchmaking

© Dan Gizzie

The Program Finder service helps users to see what the various Hubs and the initiative itself have to offer. This tool makes it possible to find programmes and activities filtered by target group, programme type or location. © Dan Gizzie

Work and network at our Hubs

The Partnership Card offers 24/7 access to our Hubs

The Digital Hub Initiative and Hubs offer a wide range of benefits and direct access to the nationwide network with the Partnership Card. Holders of the Partnership Card receive access to co-working spaces, meeting and workshop rooms, expert networks and exclusive network events.

Find start-ups and experts directly

Network of over 500 start-ups

The Start-up Finder

The Start-up Finder is a digital platform of the initiative, which lists and describes more than 500 start-ups. They can be filtered on the basis of various categories, such as sector, size, B2B or B2C, technology and financing phase. This makes it easy to find the right long-term cooperation partner quickly.

From business development to digital marketing

The Expert Finder: the right skills for any challenge

From programmers and copywriters to change agents, the Expert Finder signposts users to the network’s most valuable resources: its members. The tool makes it easy to find experts from all sectors and specialisms with the skills to tackle any digitisation challenge and help any business to progress to the next level through short or long-term partnerships.