FinTech & IoT

Berlin is not just hype. It is a melting pot above all else. Its diversity is reflected in the local start-up scene as well as in numerous venture capital firms. Accordingly, the Digital Hub focuses on two forward-looking industries – the Internet of Things (IoT) and fintech. The capital's appeal and international presence drives progress in both areas and provides the foundations for unique collaborations.

With approximately 4,500 start-ups, Berlin is one of Europe’s – and indeed the world’s – most important ecosystems for innovation. A strong start-up culture, tech conferences, start-up competitions, incubators and investors attract talented entrepreneurs from around the world every year. The supporters of the Digital Hub Berlin offer an established network right in the middle of this atmosphere. The IoT+ Network brings together players and opens up new business models in the field of the Internet of Things. The digitisation of the financial sector is being advanced in the FinTech Hub in cooperation with the Berlin Finance Initiative. The Hub connects partners from the business world and scientific community as well as from the technology scene. Berlin Partner for Business and Technology is responsible for coordinating the activities.

Faces behind the Hub


Katarzyna Grajner


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Katarzyna Grajner

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Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH

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Best Cases of the Hub

MakeUp Internet of Things

The partners of the IoT Hub Motion.Lab Berlin and CODE University Berlin have launched the ‘MakeUp Internet of Things’ project to train the IoT experts of the future. Over a period of two years, around 130 students will have the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and turn their own project ideas into reality. The project is overseen by the IoT+ Network.


BuildingMinds is a partner of the IoT Hub Berlin. The BuildingMinds platform provides future-proof real estate management through the smart use of building and portfolio data. Relevant data is linked along the value chain, creating transparency and data sovereignty. The insights are available in the form of dashboards and reports and analyses, helping portfolio managers to optimise costs and processes, plan long-term scenarios and analyse risks.

Innovation programs of the Hub

MotionLab.Berlin Hardtech Innovation Hub & Makerspace

The Motion.Lab Berlin is a partner of the IoT Hub and its space serves as the Hardtech Innovation Hub & Makerspace with access to exclusive machinery used for prototyping and co-working. Besides office spaces and MakerGarages, which can be individually configured, the MotionLab.Berlin provides unique infrastructure for young start-ups, giving them an ideal environment for creating successful projects and developing their businesses.