Cologne has a long history as a centre for the insurance industry. The collaboration between established companies and entrepreneurs from the insurance technology sector is just one example of the industry’s readiness to develop innovative insurance solutions.


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Bianca Finkel
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Cologne is one of Germany’s most important insurance locations. The city on the Rhine attracts founders from all over Germany and abroad. There are currently around 650 start-ups with more than 9,000 employees based in Cologne. The Digital Hub Cologne takes advantage of these developments and brings founders together with established companies from the insurance industry. Collaborative projects with partners such as the TH Köln University of Applied Sciences and the University of Cologne focus on digital solutions for the German insurance sector and facilitate transfers of knowledge between the scientific community and the industry itself, thereby guaranteeing that the insurance sector remains on the cutting edge.


  • Focal points: e-payment, blockchain, IoT, e-health, virtual reality and big data
  • Supporters: InsurLab Germany e.V.
  • Partners include: numerous insurance companies from all around Germany