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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) drive the German economy with technical expertise and outstanding products. The Digital Hub Initiative helps them take on the challenges of the digital transformation in specific industries and business sectors, and create innovative solutions for those challenges. For this, a comprehensive and wide-ranging pool of contacts is the first place to turn. As an established company, you can enter into direct dialogue with new companies and digital experts, and develop new solutions together for your specific challenges. The Digital Hub Initiative promotes synergies between the tried-and-tested competences of long-standing companies and the innovative spirit of start-ups. Additionally, the network offers innovation drivers and those responsible for the digital fields in established businesses a diversified pool of expertise and knowledge where they can introduce themselves and enter into dialogues.You are invited to become a part of our network; using the contact form, you can find potential business partners straight away.


  • Pool of contacts with innovation drivers and start-ups
  • Access to a network of promising start-ups and potential partners for digital initiatives
  • Digital Hubs as a regional point of contact for your personal networking
  • Identification of links to our own digital initiatives and Digital Hubs (local points of contact for networking with technical equipment for the development of digital products)

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